Jamew7 – "MAMASB" Legendary Guild Mascot! (MAMASB) + FAKE SB! OMG! – Growtopia

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Hi Guys Today i want tell about this! Because that my old member can’t accept his thing! But ya
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10 kommenttia “Jamew7 – "MAMASB" Legendary Guild Mascot! (MAMASB) + FAKE SB! OMG! – Growtopia

  1. So Hi Guys i didn't want do video but i have to because someone keep lying! And can't accep his thing! + Growtopia have tons fake sb about my name so be cafefull+ why people want destroy me?

  2. Dude stop blaming ywb in his video he said that he gave you days warning he's put a sign that you've been offline for day 1 that means u should remove it the next day he put day 2 then the 3rd day he put day 3 and u didnt remove the sign


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