JANTSUU – GTA 5 | Details in SLOW MOTION #2

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Discover the details of GTA 5 in slow motion

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Music by Epidemic Sound

– Vanilla Urban – Silver Flaw
(intro & outro song)

Mods used:

– Simple Trainer by sjaak327
– Scripthook & asi loader by Alexander Blade
– OpenIV
– Menyoo PC by MAFINS
– PC Trainer V by jedijosh920
– Scene Director by elsewhat
– No Rockstar Editor Restrictions by Unknown Modder
– Extended Video Export by Nightingale

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10 kommenttia “JANTSUU – GTA 5 | Details in SLOW MOTION #2

  1. I usually skip a little bit when I start a video, because people usually have intros and I skipped right to 2:35.

    Must be my shit luck.


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