JANTSUU – GTA 5 | What's the FASTEST way to TRANSPORT 50 CARS?

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In this video we are going to find out what is the fastest way to transport 50 cars in GTA5.

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Music by Epidemic Sound

– Vanilla Urban – Silver Flaw
(intro & outro song)

Mods used:

– Simple Trainer by sjaak327
– Scripthook & asi loader by Alexander Blade
– OpenIV
– Menyoo PC by MAFINS
– PC Trainer V by jedijosh920
– Scene Director by elsewhat
– No Rockstar Editor Restrictions by Unknown Modder

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10 kommenttia “JANTSUU – GTA 5 | What's the FASTEST way to TRANSPORT 50 CARS?

  1. 12:17 A Mk-82 500 lb bomb with a BSU-49 tail section.
    The fins are spring loaded and pop out after dropping to retard fwd travel, making the bombs fall more straight down than following the AC…a total different trajectory that otherwise, more of a rainbow that a shallow ballistic arc. So configured, the Mk-82 is referred to as a "Snake Eye".
    This setup is ideal for low level bombing as, without the high drag and altered drop arc, damage to the AC can result.
    The fins pop open in the front & flat to the slipstream, for max effect.
    ..the explosion from these irl vs in GTAV5?
    Lol. yeah. Half a city block destroyed/damaged, mminimal safe withdrawal distance is something like 4,000 feet! as opposed to the GTAV version..just a..well, you know…


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