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Which vehicle has the best climbing capabilities?

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Music by Epidemic Sound

– Vanilla Urban – Silver Flaw
(intro & outro song)

Mods used:

– Simple Trainer by sjaak327
– Scripthook & asi loader by Alexander Blade
– OpenIV
– Menyoo PC by MAFINS
– PC Trainer V by jedijosh920
– Scene Director by elsewhat
– No Rockstar Editor Restrictions by Unknown Modder
– CodeWalker GTA V 3D Map + Editor by dexyfex

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10 kommenttia “JANTSUU – GTA 5 | Which VEHICLE CLIMBS over the HIGHEST OBSTACLE?

  1. Sorry for taking so long to upload a new video.

    This was very frustrating project as building those stairs was pain in the a$$.

    When I started building the stairs I realised that it would take me way too long to build them one by one with MENYOO or Map editor.

    So I had make a small script that builds the stairs for me and prints the level text and correct level number on each stair and then puts all this in an .xml file that can be opened with MENYOO.

    When I tried to open the .xml file with MENYOO in GTA, the game crashed because there was too many objects in a small area.

    So I tried to make more simple stairs and I tried to reduce the draw distance of the objects. That kind of worked but it made the stairs look very bad.

    Then I found out that if I put the stairs in an .ymap file, the game performance stays better and it wont crash. With .ymap file the GTA thinks that those stairs are actually part of the map instead of being a mod.

    So I had to convert the .xml file to .ymap without losing any data, like those numbers and object colors. I managed to do it and I was able to finally load the stairs in game without the game crashing.

    But then there was a new problem. Some of the objects had very short draw distance which looked very bad. I was able to see only like 6 stairs at once.

    Took me about 2 days to figure that out and fix it. The problem was the object I used to build the stairs. I had to modify that 3D model's LODs to fix the problem.

    So then finally about almost 2 weeks after starting this project, I was finally able to actually start making the video.

    I hope you enjoy the video 😀


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